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Customised to suit you

Concrete pools are completely custom designed to suit your lifestyle and backyard. With a concrete pool, we can create any shape pool you desire, from rectangular to free form.

Variety of finishes

Our concrete pools ensure a quality result thanks to our variety of finishes. At PJ Pools and Spas, we offer a range of finishes, from rendered to full tiled to total glass interiors- the choice is yours! Not only that, but with an assortment of colours to choose from, you can get the dream pool you’ve always wanted!

Lasting Impression

Concrete pools have been around a long time and from a structural point of view they are reliable and strong. Concrete pools are designed to be durable enough to weather many years of use, which means that you get to enjoy your pool for longer!

Added luxury

Not only do you get to design the shape of your pool to suit your backyard, but with a concrete pool you also get to add customised features to give you the dream pool you have always wanted. Whether it be water features, jets, lighting or even an attached spa, PJ Pools and Spas is here to bring luxury to your doorstep.

Why a concrete swimming pool?

Many people over the years have always asked the question, why should I choose a concrete swimming pool? Does the concrete cost more? Will it crack? Basically put there is one simple answer, Engineering.

A concrete pool is designed specifically for your backyard to suit your soil conditions and all designed by an Engineer that understands swimming pools. As each backyard is different in many ways due to a sloping site, sandy soil, clay soil and even rock, your concrete pool is no ordinary pool and is not just dropped into the ground. This similar process is used by all new home builders when they design the house slab for a new home.

Once a soil test has been completed in the location of your swimming pool, the engineer will assess your soil for suitability and design the steel reinforcing (part of the strength of your new pool) to suit. The engineer will also advise on the required concrete strength and thickness to maintain a strong and long lasting pool shell. In fact today there are many concrete pools that are over 35 years old that are standing the test of time.