Our Team

Peter Zukowski (Director)

Coming to work with his father since the age of six, it was only natural that Peter joined his father in the business, working full time by the age of seventeen. Ten years later, with swimming pool knowledge coursing through his veins, Peter took over the daily running of the company.

George Zukowski (Director)

George Zukowski has had 45 years’ experience in the industry, originally heading up the company G&V Plastering, which diversified into manufacturing products and building pools. Having trained his son and many others in the industry, George now works as the Warehouse manage

Office Staff

Kirsten (Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) / Office Manager)

Kirsten joined PJ Pools and Spas in January 2015. She is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with fourteen years of experience within the finance industry and has been fully qualified since 2005. She is responsible for the management accounting, taxation and compliance for the company as well as assisting the Finance Team. Her position also includes Office Manager and dealing with the day to day issues within the company.

Elizabeth (Accounts Receivable)

Elizabeth is a key member of our team here at PJ Pools working in Accounts Receivable.

Sandra B (Accounts Payable)

Responsible for the management of the Accounts Payable process, Sandra works closely with our Finance team to ensure all transactions are processed accurately and timely. Sandra also assists our contractors and suppliers in the resolution of any problems or discrepancies.

Daniella (Building Permit Coordinator)

Daniella joined PJ Pools in August 2017.  With 2 years working in the building industry, Daniella is knowledgeable in ensuring permits are issued smoothly authorizing the supervisors to begin the construction of your pool.

Pares (Service/Construction Department)

Pares works in the service department and construction department helping the sales and supervisors ensure that the building of your pool is a smooth and exciting experience. Pares prides herself on her customer service ability and takes pride in developing a great working relationship with our clients.

Hanna (Permits/Administrative Assistant)

Hanna joined PJ Pools in August 2017. Hanna’s role in the office is to assist with building permits/administration duties.

Vince (Customer Service)

Vince joined PJ Pools And Spas in late 2018 and with over 20 years experience in the industry, he is a valuable asset to our team.

Graeme A (Construction Analyst)

Graeme’s 16 years’ experience in the pool industry and great customer service skills has been evident in his 6 years at PJ Pools working as a Supervisor.


Grahame F (Sales)

Grahame French has been in the pool industry for over 33 years. He has been involved in over 4000 pool installations. He is a strong believer in professional site assessment giving customers a true idea of potential costs.

Harry (Sales)

With over 15 years in the pool industry, Harry’s expertise and work ethic has made him a valuable member of the PJ Pools team since 2004. His knowledge of the latest technology, equipment, heating and construction will provide you with confidence when deciding what type of pool and equipment will best suit your needs and budget.

Brian (Sales)

Brian has been in the Pool industry for 30 years both as a licensed Pool company owner and as a sales consultant, having sold a variety of pool types. Brian is more than happy to discuss pool site requirements and provide advice to customers.

Nick (Sales)

Nick is inspired by the thought of helping families turn their dream of creating a piece of paradise in their own backyard. With over 7 years previous experience in the Spa industry and for the last 6 years working in the swimming pool industry, Nick has been an integral part of the Sales team here at PJ Pools. With a desire to further understand the industry Nick has completed training and certificates from SPASA, education of Landscape design, Engineering (basic), Project management and total construction of swimming pools to be able to assist confidently to your needs and your budget.

Scott (Sales/ Renovations)

With 10 years’ experience, and having renovated over 500 pools, Scott is PJ Pools renovation expert. Whether it is a simple pool revamp or structural repairs, Scott can help turn your pool into a backyard paradise.


Tony (Construction Supervisor)

Having 15 years of management experience, Tony prides himself on his coordinating abilities and focus on customer service. This has been evident in his fantastic work as a Construction Supervisor for PJ Pools over the past 10 years.

Adrian (Construction Supervisor)

Adrian has 11 years experience in all aspects of pool construction. He brings a highly developed customer relations focus from many years experience in corporate technical consulting and project management.










Peter Samuel Poli (Construction Supervisor)

Sam has been in the pool industry for 15 + years both as a licensed Pool company owner and a Site Supervisor. Having experience in all aspects of pool construction, his knowledge and skills are a valuable asset to the team.




Matthew is our lead pool technician with 20+ years of experience in the building and construction industry.  He is an important member of our team with his extensive knowledge of any service problem.




Cameron has been a part of our Team for 9 years. He began as a pool labourer with his plumbing apprenticeship. Cameron has developed into a great Team Leader with his strong work ethic and years of experience.



From the age of 13, Matthew began working at PJ Pools during the school holidays. He has since been with us for 7 years full time, his knowledge and skills are a valuable asset to the crew.


Dominik is the newest member of our crew.  He displays good co-operation skills and his willingness to take on any task is significant to the success of our Team.



Joining the team in 2019, Panos has quickly demonstrated exceptional attributes and skills that assist with the efficiency of the day-to-day operations.