Brighton East

Brighton East

Surrounded by Natural paving stones, this light and bright pool certainly makes a statement.

Situated in the Brighton area, this house provides lovely views from the Kitchen, dining and living area out onto the Alfresco living to the pool. As the pool hugs one side of the home and once you walk into this beautiful home you can see glimpses of the pool through the entry hall and as you walk into the kitchen/dining.

Designed to suit a relaxing lifestyle this pool sits perfect off the Alfresco/BBQ area and incorporates a low feature wall rendered to the colourings of the home with a stainless steel water baffle spilling the water gently into the pool for a tranquil sound of water.

Due to the design of the home the water feature wall was constructed on the pool beam so that the relaxing sound of water is heard as you are either enjoying swimming in the pool or simply relaxing by the pool. You can even hear the gentle water sound from inside the home and with the added advantage of a garden bed behind the feature to add a little splash of colour and difference with plants.
The Icy blue colour interior in this pool was specific to the design to enhance the look and feel of the home, backyard and overall feel by adding a bright and inviting feel. With the bench seat designed in mind for entertaining or simply sitting and relaxing.

Solar matting positioned perfectly on the roof to maximise the sun’s efficiency heating the pool to a perfect temperature for all. At night the whole pool is alight in a blue colour with thanks to the LED lights installed in the pool.

  • Reference Number: 151396N
  • Suburb: Brighton East
  • Size: 12m x 3m
  • Tiling: 200mm Glass
  • Interior Finish: Aquaneon - Denarau
  • Coping: Supplied by Owner


  • C340 Filter
  • P320 Pump
  • EQ35 Chlorinator (With PH Controller)
  • LED Lights (x3)

Special Features

  • Offet Swimout
  • Feature wall w/ Stainless Steel Aqua Blade

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