Surrounded by decking and travertine coping and pavers, this family pool appeals to all ages.

Situated in the leafy region of Vermont, this house provides lovely views from the kitchen out onto the backyard and pool.

Designed to suit the needs of every member of the household, this pool has a bench seat running along the shallow end of the pool which offers the perfect option for children to play on or jump off and for the adults who might want to just sit back and relax.

Due to the sloping block part of the pool was formed up to allow for the pool to be effectively out of ground at one end. With the engineering designed to ensure that the design and structure would compliment this pools location, strength and durability over time.

Solar matting positioned perfectly on the roof to maximise the sun’s efficiency heating the pool to a perfect temperature for all.

  • Reference Number: 141199N
  • Suburb: Vermont
  • Size: 8m x 4m
  • Tiling: 200mm Ceramic
  • Interior Finish: Aquaneon - Denarau
  • Coping: Traveltine


  • CA340 Filter
  • P320 Pump
  • EQ25 PH Controller
  • LED Lighting

Special Features

  • Glass Fence

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