• Is your pool looking tired?
  • Does it need a makeover?
  • Are you worried about the mess & the hassle? DONT BE

You want what you want right? Get your pool renovated today! Whatever your pool renovation idea; structural changes, structural repairs, new waterline tile and/ or coping, to a whole new surface or fully tiled interior we can do the lot!

Reasons to have your pool renovated:

Developments in new pool technology: Do you like to make sure you always have top of the range equipment? Pool technology has made some fantastic advances in the years, and a swimming pool renovation is the best way to make sure you take full advantage of all these developments. From more effective pumps and filters to safety covers to fun elements like automatic lighting!

Previous home owner have different taste: Maybe the construction and design of the pool is fine, but just not to your taste. If you’re not a fan of the tiling or you’d prefer a different style of coping or decking, a pool renovation is the perfect way to make those changes. The construction is all done; why not suit it to your liking!

REVAMP: Adding features to your existing pool is the easiest and quickest way to change the appearance of your pool area, add some features! Include LED lights; they are magnificent at night, waterfalls or fountains. Just adding a water feature to your pool can make such a big difference

All works are inspected to ensure that standards are maintained and that the customer is receiving the best quality and service. We go to great lengths to ensure that any disruption to your surrounding property is kept to an absolute minimum. Any mess made, we take with us and dispose of in the correct manner. Sounds great right?